Tax Advice

We take pride in ensuring that our clients keep as much of the cash they earn as possible.  This isn’t difficult.  It just means that we know our clients and help them to apply a few basic rules intelligently.

Getting those basics right means:

Making sure that you trade through the most efficient vehicle: Company,  LLP, Unlimited Partnership or as a Sole Trader

Planning the Remuneration Package of Shareholder / Directors.

Making sure that all relevant busines expenses are properly recorded and claimed.

Giving proper consideration to VAT planning.

It’s not rocket science – it just involves knowing the rules and listening carefully to our clients.  Simple – but  fundamental to giving best advice.

“In just half an hour’s discussion with Brendan he listened carefully to what my business was all about, appeared to understand how it operated, and made a couple of immediate suggestions which have proved to be of real value to me.  Simple stuff – but it works.  I’m already a couple of thousand pounds better off.”  Jane Budd – Owner/Manager of JB Marketing Ltd