KWS Biotest Ltd

TrevorBW_webKWS Biotest Ltd ( is one of the most successful “spin-out” companies from Bristol University.

It offers a range of outsourced services in the field of preclinical drug discovery. Since commencing its operations in 2004, it has consistently grown and, with one exception, made increased profits every year. With Turnover now approaching £3m, the company employs some 25 scientific and administrative staff and generates a serious return for both the university and its investors.

Chairman, Dr Trevor Langley, feels that James Magee has made a significant contribution to the success of the company. “Apart from providing the full range of accountancy support we’ve needed, Brendan’s experience as a director of an AIM company has brought something extra to the party for an aspiring company such as ours. Specifically, at the time of the University’s initial investment, he helped to keep the company’s structure simple and focussed. In addition his knowledge of the changing research and development tax regime has been hugely beneficial, throughout. And in the one year when things got tough, because of our rapid expansion, his assistance through the introduction of a highly relevant management tool (“the One Page Plan”) helped us to steady the ship.”