Origami – for business success

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If you could fold a piece of paper 42 times, it would be thick enough to reach all the way to the moon!

Ok, practically speaking this would be an almighty challenge, but the principle stands – so why not apply a bit of origami to your business? It’s unlikely that there will be one singular ‘fold’ which will transform your business profits overnight, but the ‘origami effect’ will see a series of small changes building on each other to achieve transformation.

On the “Profits Up” section of our website we list 23 specific ways in which any business can increase its profitability – only some of which are referred to in this little blog. A small contribution from a handful of those could build into a major roller-coaster.

For example, a 6% increase in repeat business from existing clients, added to 15% increase in referrals from satisfied customers, together with a 10% increase in your success rate in converting new sales leads, could combine together to deliver a 35% increase in Sales. Then add that to a 5% increase in prices, combined with a 3% improvement in efficiency and, depending on your original profit margins, you could find that your Net Profits double within a year.

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Why not arrange a session with your accountant in order to perform a sensitivity analysis on your business? This will help you to identify the areas of change that will make the greatest contribution most quickly. Then build on that by making changes in other areas too, and you might find the impact on your bottom line is astounding.


Author: Businesswise Accountant

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