HMRC Enquiry Insurance

All James Magee clients are protected under our Tax Fee Protection Insurance service as part of their accountancy package.

This is because In 2015/16, HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) secured a record £26.6bn of additional revenue through tax enquiries into businesses and individuals.

The target for 2016/17 is even higher.

Since 2010, HMRC has invested £1.8 billion targeting those who underpay tax. Spearheading this approach is an investment in technology that allows tax enquiries to be selected more efficiently and on a larger scale.  In addition, HMRC powers to investigate have been strengthened.  This combination means that all taxpayers are now at greater risk of being investigated than ever before.

If you are selected for a tax enquiry, we will always robustly defend you against unjustified questions by HMRC but please be aware that the detailed questions asked can often be time consuming to answer. The costs of responding to HMRC can be substantial even if no extra tax is payable.

Our annual fees did not cover the additional professional costs of handling tax enquiries and compliance checks, hence the introduction of this complementary service to existing clients, which includes support on general legal issues and the complex areas of Employment Law and Health & Safety can obtain complementary expert advice on such issues.