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Generating new sales for your business doesn’t have to involve expensive marketing schemes and advertising campaigns. Of course, those can work very effectively, but there are lots of other ways to generate new leads. Make sure you know what kind of things work for your business and then make sure you have systems in place to maximise the advantage you get.

Systems can be simple and inexpensive. But you need to recognise what is required and then ensure that you – and your staff – operate those systems effectively at every opportunity. Those systems might include:

The use of a Menu – as described in previous post

Scripts – to ensure that you never fail to mention something important that might lead to a sale. The simple phrases used in section 5 (on selling more) offer powerful examples of these.

Referral Systems – very powerful and worth an entire section on their own. See section 6 (on getting recommendations) below.

Diary Dates – these will help to ensure that you offer services at times that are most appropriate to your clients. Garages, plumbers, hairdressers and insurance brokers will all be missing a trick if they don’t have good systems for this.

Agendas – in our business we ensure that all meeting agendas include items which may offer services of value to that specific client. That way we don’t forget or overlook the opportunity.

WOO Charts – the use of a ‘Windows of Opportunity Chart’ makes sure that every single prospect will know about every single thing you might be able to sell them.

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Ask yourself which of these simple systems do you already use all the time and which others might be of use in your business?

Author: Businesswise Accountant

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