The Exciting Stuff

As BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT ACCOUNTANTS we can use our experience (and our specialist tools) to help make your business more profitable and more fun to run.

We work most productively for business owners who:

  • are ambitious
  • want “a friendly face at the end of the phone” to use as a mentor
  • are prepared to take action to take their business forward.

We can use a range of powerful tools to work with you:

Firstly we’ll BENCHMARK your performance against your competitors in order to assess what you currently do really well and where there’s scope for improving your profit.

Then we’ll consider the 8 KEY PROFIT DRIVERS with you to identify what can be done.

We’ll use our specialist software to evaluate and help you to understand your full BUSINESS POTENTIAL.

We may prepare a SUCCESS DRIVER MAP in order to see what actions are likely to generate the quickest and most cost-effective returns.

Then we’ll work with you to prepare a ONE-PAGE PLAN – a simple but hugely effective tool to ensure that you are doing what needs to be done.

And most importantly we’ll MEET UP WITH YOU REGULARLY to monitor your progress and make sure you achieve your goals.

Do you “Fancy that £2 million?”

See how these tools can combine to double the profits of “Dave the Roofer” and set him on his way to becoming over £2m richer by the end of his working life in our trademark Case Study.  See Brendan’s Blog for details.

“A great hands on service from a group of people who actually understand business.”  (Rod Hewson – Electrical Contractor).